H2i Ultra Simple 3 Steps Plan


Ultra Simple 3 Steps Plan To Earn $2,200 and get  A Laptop in 5 weeks in H2i.
How You Can Earn $2,200 and get  A Laptop within with 5 weeks in H2i and A car in 8 Months.

My name is Dr. Wale Adeleke
Important warning: The strategy i am going to present is intended for people who want to be serious H2i members only. People with entrepreneurial mind-sets, who are really willing to invest serious money in H2i financial empowerment program to boost the creation of their new, solid monthly income, multiple laptops and cars. However, anyone can start with a minimum single account registration if so desire. CLICK HERE to register FREE now.

Note The Ultra simple 3 steps plan does not mean that you cannot start with one registration account if you so desire.

With the Ultra Simple 3 Steps Plan, you can achieve all these below:
1.       You earn $2,200 and get a laptop within 5 weeks
2.       You Earn $7,500, get 7 laptop and 2 cars within 6-8 months
3.       You earn $21,000 and get additional 5 cars within 9-12 months.
All these are achievable goals that can be accomplished within a specific time frame using our Ultra simple 3 Steps Plan.
Note: A goal is different from wish in that a goal has specific date back with a practical strategy to accomplish it.

Why The Ultra Simple 3 Steps Plan Works
As soon as you sign up and you get your own capture website with form, even before you invest any money, you start building team automatically with the ultra simple 3 steps plan. And before you activate your H2i registrations with payment, you will have enough number of people you need  that are ready to join your team.

1. You get a lead capturing  website with form for automatic recruiting of interested people.
 2. You get a  FREE webpage containing your details information. Your webpage can easily be found on Google search. Your webpage will be created with a powerful SEO strategy so that people can find you in google.
3.  Your FREE webpage will be integrated with Facebook share button and you and others can share it to Facebook and other social media 
4.   You get FREE display banner adverts on internet(worth N10k/month to the minimum) and your banner adverts will be linked to both your capture website form and your SEO webpage mention above.
5.  You get a simple tip on how people can click on your banner adverts and sign up with you automatically.( I have 0ver 500 signed up in one month)


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H2i Ultra Simple Plan