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Listing Webpage is A Business Blog Page

Your business/program also get listing webpage which is integrated with Social media buttons and embedded with feed back apps and has unlimited webpages and you can use it as blog to post more information about your business/program.

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Services We Offer to boost your sales, attract more customers and increase income and profits

1. FREE Listing : Listing of your business/program is FREE for one community and additional listing in multiple directories attracts a token FEE

Addition Services  for Your Business

2. Bold Feature Top  Enhance Listing under the categories of your business/program N1,500 for 12 months ( N200 per month, 3 months minimum)

3.Listing in multiple directories: N200 for 12 months on one directory with minimum of 5 communities directories( i.e N1,000

4. Short URL for Listing webpage: your listing webpage can be used as blog to post information and images and it has unlimited web pages . Get short URL address for your business listing page, example is Short Url address is N250 for 12 months with minimum of 4 community directories ( N1,000 for 12 months for 4 URL addresses). For one community is N500 for 12 months.

5. Promotion Bulk SMS: send information about your business listing web page to interested GSM. I will show you how to get interested GSM  to send sms to. N3 per sms with minimum is 500 sms.

5. Banner Advert Spaces: Adverts spaces available at the top and bottom of all the 200 local community small business directories and on thousands of listing webpages of listed business. Advert banner rate is N300 per month for one community directory and minimum of 4 months (N1200 for 4 months). you banner adverts link to your business listing web pages.


FREE Listing in One Directory ( later, you can add more information and images to your business listing page)

Note: Choose addition services you need and we will contact you(  Priority is given to FREE business listing of Businesses with at least one additional paid service) We also appreciate a token donation .

NBB: Your Business Will be listed FREE but to get a FREE Business Listing Webpage embedded with meta keyword and meta description that make your business to show up on first page of Google search, you need to get at least one paid service)

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