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Helping Hands International is a global NGO offering many services such as humanitarian services, skills acquisition training and financial empowerments program  and many more.

Financial Empowerment program of H2i is a member based financial empowerment program. Once you join and fully register with a payment donation of N6,600 to the NGO, you are expected to refer two people to join the NGO.

Many people have challenges in getting people to register and other are shy in talking to people. some are too busy while some don't even know how to use internet to get people.

We have solved this challenge. Apart from giving you two downlines and you get $8 bonus, you will also get the tips on how you can register 10 people in a month

Register with H2i NOW and get FREE downlines and bonuses

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if you want to know more about H2i after your have fill the form in the link above, please visit: Articles - page 1 - - Page 1 of 4


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